Ken Muenstermann

B.A.  Religion from Palm Beach Atlantic University   M.A.  Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary   Doctorate  from Knox Theological Seminary

B.A. Religion from Palm Beach Atlantic University

M.A. Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary

Doctorate from Knox Theological Seminary

Ken Muenstermann was born in St. Louis, MO, and was raised in the Catholic Church. While in college he began seeking a better understanding of the Bible. This led Ken to begin attending an evangelical-protestant church. His deep desire to know and teach Scripture placed him on a path into the evangelical-protestant ministry, where he ministered as a pastor for nearly 25 years. However, after a lengthy study of both Scripture and Church history, Ken reentered the Catholic Church on Easter Vigil of 2015. Ken returns with a desire to bring a thorough knowledge of Scripture to the Catholic community. 

Along with his work in The DeSales Forum, Ken teaches Scripture and Theology at St. John Paul II Catholic High School in Huntsville, AL.

“I had to know fully what God himself wanted.”
                                               – St. Francis DeSales